What are Dapps

Ryan P | April 15, 2021

Last updated on April 20th, 2021

Decentralised applications or “DAPPS” are exactly what they sound like. Just like developers can design useful applications or “apps” for your cell phone developers can also design applications to run on decentralised blockchains. Where you can download calculators, games, and banking interfaces to use on your phone, Dapps add the same utility to the blockchain. A user interface on a DAPP may feel virtually the same as any other APP but behind the scenes, DAPPS run on open source code stored on a community governed blockchain. This code can benefit from peer review and the community can propose improvements or start competing projects. In addition to being open-source, all transactions which occur inside a DAPP are stored within the blockchain and benefit from the security inherent in blockchain technology. Programmers use DAPPS to create useful ways for users to interact with a blockchain whether it is a game with in-game collectibles such as cryptokitties or creating an exchange for tokens such as Uniswap. Where blockchain’s like Ethereum provide the framework for tools to be built on blockchain, these tools most often come in the form of DAPPS. Each of these DAPP’s will have its own value according to its usefulness, and many will introduce their own token to facilitate and incentivise the use of the application.

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